A Review – Crochet That Fits ♥

What first drew me to look through and then buy the book Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall was the beautiful dress on the front cover. Who wouldn’t be drawn to it? It is classy, trendy and very unlike so many traditionally boxy crochet garments. What makes it unbelievable, though, is that according to the book, this pattern is easy enough for an Advanced Beginner to make. What?? Are you kidding me? How can that be? Apparently, it’s Old Stitches, New Method that makes it possible.
Crochet That Fits introduces a “new method of graduated stitching to make flattering fashions the easy way”. This is accomplished by using different sized stitches within the same row to shape the garment, eliminating the need for increasing and decreasing. This method makes the projects in the book perfect for the beginning crocheter, who have been reluctant to try crocheting garments before now.
Not only that, you can learn to crochet garments that are form fitting, soft and drapeable and flattering to the figure. In crochet? How cool is that?
Mary Jane says “several different pieces can be made from the same fundamental design”. It all starts with Six Designs from One Basic Pattern, which shows the incredible versatility of this pattern! You can create a cape, skirt, arm warmers, poncho, hat and purse, all from the same pattern.
The book goes on to teach you how to adjust the patterns to fit any shape, all the while creating some lovely fashions and accessories. There are 33 in all in the book. Even non-beginners will have fun crocheting and creating items using this new method of shaping; especially since it will be so much easier to get the perfect fit with all of Mary Jane’s helpful tips and techniques that are included.
♥ A+ I especially love that Mary Jane gives several suggestions for yarn choices for almost every project.
♥ Favorite Projects: Little Black Dress, Cap Sleeve Top, Shoulder Wrap with Edging, Ruffled Shrug, Long Flared Skirt, Little Girl’s Dress
Crochet That Fits is also the winner of the Best Crochet Book for 2008, as voted by the members of the Crochet Liberation Front in their annual Flamies Awards.
You can read more about Crochet That Fits on Mary Jane’s own website: MARY JANE’S CROCHET.

Newest Felted Design

When I have had time for crochet this summer, I’ve been doing alot of felting. It is so much fun and addicting, I just can’t get enough! Here is a photo of my latest felted design:

The pattern for this Multi-Colored Clutch can be purchased HERE. This trendy clutch is really easy to crochet and works up VERY fast! After felting is complete, it measures 13-1/4 inches wide X 6-1/4 inches tall. Long, slim clutch purses are really in fashion right now, and this can be made in a couple of evenings by even the novice crocheter!

Interweave Crochet for Spring 2007

Since we are all thinking Spring, the new Interweave Crochet for Spring has gone to press! They are previewing it at this link:
Interweave Crochet Spring 2007.
You can get a sneak peak of the projects and the supply lists needed for the crochet designs that are featured in this issue!
The magazine will be on sale at the newsstands around the middle of April. Soon!
From the photographs, it appears to be a MUST buy!

Adorable Crochet Merchandise

Cute crochet is something that I adore, and I am always on the lookout for exceptionally *cute* and even **cuter** crochet designs. Because of this I am hoping now and in the near future, to be able to *SHOWCASE* some crochet sites and crochet designs that have caught my eye.
These adorable childrens crochet items that I found recently certainly fit the bill. This talented designer sells her wonderful merchansise at an Ebay store named Tip.Top.Applesauce. She has an incredible array of items for sale, mostly for children, but I was especially drawn to her crochet articles that she has for sale. I am assuming that she designs her own patterns, as I have not seen any of these designs available anywhere. I noted when I saw some of her merchandise in her Etsy Store, that some of her inspiration comes from Gymboree. I especially like her adorable puppy hat. Make sure you click on all the different views she has of the hat! But, of course, all the hats are equally cute!
Unfortunately, for all of us crocheters, she does not sell her patterns……yet!
But, for all of us who have young children or grandchildren, we are in luck. The designer offers a Bunny Hat Kit that is very *cute*, comes with all the ‘ingredients’, and looks like it would be very quick to complete! Scroll down on the page to see an adorable little girl wearing the Bunny hat!
I think you will see that this designer, both of her websites, and all her wonderful crochet designs, merit an A+ on our *CUTENESS* meter! Don’t you agree?

So Cute!

I just had to post a link to these cute crochet scarf pictures I came upon today! Unfortunately, there are not any links to the patterns, but maybe you will be as inspired as I was, by how cute they are!

Twinkie Chan

Make sure you scroll all the way down the page to see everything!