Adorable Crochet Merchandise

Cute crochet is something that I adore, and I am always on the lookout for exceptionally *cute* and even **cuter** crochet designs. Because of this I am hoping now and in the near future, to be able to *SHOWCASE* some crochet sites and crochet designs that have caught my eye.
These adorable childrens crochet items that I found recently certainly fit the bill. This talented designer sells her wonderful merchansise at an Ebay store named Tip.Top.Applesauce. She has an incredible array of items for sale, mostly for children, but I was especially drawn to her crochet articles that she has for sale. I am assuming that she designs her own patterns, as I have not seen any of these designs available anywhere. I noted when I saw some of her merchandise in her Etsy Store, that some of her inspiration comes from Gymboree. I especially like her adorable puppy hat. Make sure you click on all the different views she has of the hat! But, of course, all the hats are equally cute!
Unfortunately, for all of us crocheters, she does not sell her patterns……yet!
But, for all of us who have young children or grandchildren, we are in luck. The designer offers a Bunny Hat Kit that is very *cute*, comes with all the ‘ingredients’, and looks like it would be very quick to complete! Scroll down on the page to see an adorable little girl wearing the Bunny hat!
I think you will see that this designer, both of her websites, and all her wonderful crochet designs, merit an A+ on our *CUTENESS* meter! Don’t you agree?

Knitting Bag Winter Fashion Trends

I can’t believe I missed seeing the Knitting Bag Winter Fashion Trend Forecast post until now! It was actually posted at the end of August, but because I have been so busy, and have fallen behind in my blog reading, I did not see it until today!
I love seeing all the forecast color and fashion trends for the coming months and year. Go here to see what I am talking about!

Crochet Seasons

What a horrible blogger I have been lately! I get so frustrated, mostly because this is a crochet blog, and I don’t have much to report on the crochet front. Of course, I continually have to work on designs for my bi-monthly column in Crochet World.
I am also working on some Spring designs for that are not finished yet, and it is almost time to start on designs for Christmas! Where does the time go?

Recently the owner of our local Ben Franklin asked me why yarn sales were down in the Summer. I explained that most needleworkers did not do as much knitting and crocheting in the summertime as they do in the other seasons. I told him several reasons for this is that kids are out of school, the weather is nice and people want to be outdoors, and heavy yarns are too hot to work with in the Summer.
So, I ask…………do you crochet or knit in the Summer???
If so, what kind of project do you work on?

Catching Up

Well, I DID finish Evan’s Easter Basket and although I was two months late, I am proud of myself that I did not wait until next year to complete it! I could have used the excuse that he did not need it until then, but I did not! I forgot to take a picture of it, so if I remember tomorrow, I will take a picture of it.
I have been so busy with the house, work and family issues, I have not had time to do much of any crocheting except for my monthly column. I just mailed my last column on June 13, so I have time to do an inventory of which crochet projects I would like to work on next.
I would like to do some things for Annie’s Attic, since I missed the deadlines for my website for the fourth of July and my Americana projects. I think Annie’s Attic will be excepting items for Spring next, so I need to be thinking along those lines. I also have some new dolls in mind. I just have to get started! Sometimes that can be the hardest! Getting started.
One of my most favorite sayings is:
“Begun is half done”
I am constantly saying that to my family and I even cross stitched that saying on a small plaque a long time ago. It is hanging in my kitchen.
I believe it is so true.
Can anyone else relate to that?
So, on that note, I hope to get started this weekend!
Good luck to me!

Unfinished projects

My house is still under major construction, but I did manage to get in a little crocheting yesterday. It felt good! I was finishing up Evan’s Easter Basket that never got completed in time for Easter… boo hoo! But I was determined to finish it before I started working on anything else, even though I have projects for work I need to be crocheting. As soon as I get the chance, I will take a photo of it. I did his in yellow, and it came out soft and fluffy.
I still have half-completed Americana projects in the works; I have a cute red and white striped leg that is sticking out of needlework bag that keeps catching my attention. I have just got to get back to it!

A Snowy Crochet-y Day

It’s snowing like crazy out!

What a perfect day to snuggle up and do nothing but knit and crochet!
I have chosen to start on another Seraphina Shawl, this time for my daughter Angela.
As I started it, I was reminded about some of my ‘problems’ last time!
I am again using the same Rainbow Boucle from Joann’s, but this time in a different colorway. It is a beautiful color, and I am anxious to see the color pattern start to immerge. BUT, I had forgotton how difficult it is to see the stitches with this yarn! As I stated in a previous post, I would like to see this pattern worked up in a simpler yarn, one that is not a fuzzy boucle.
Fortunately, I am alone and it is quiet today, as the pattern for Seraphina Shawl can be difficult to get started with. The pattern creates itself in the first 10 or 11 pattern rows and then starts to unfold beautifully, but up until that time, it can be a bit perplexing at times. You will find it easier to follow, I believe, if you look at the wonderful pictures that go with the pattern.
More on that later….
Well, Gina did not have the baby on New Year’s Day! We are still waiting patiently. Well, Gina is waiting a bit impatiently! The baby is another boy, and we are so excited! I will keep you posted. The nurses at the hospital thought it would be last night or today, since we are in the middle of a snowstorm! Who knows, maybe tonight?
Well, back to Seraphina…..