>Totally Simple Crochet Review and Giveaway!


Today on Cute Crochet Chat, I am pleased to present a recently published crochet book, “Totally Simple Crochet”, Over 30 Easy Projects for the Home and to Wear, published by Trafalgar Books.
Most of us who crochet would agree with the book’s author Tove Fevang, “When evening comes and I’m rather tired after a long workday, getting out the crochet hook and some yarn re-energizes me. Everything else melts away as I relax with my crocheting”.
Aren’t we all lucky to have something like crochet to feel so passionate about?
If you are new to the art of crochet or if you have been crocheting for years, you will find a project in this book that you want to make. From dishcloths to baby hats to scarves and afghans, there is something for everyone! Each project is well photographed and some of the beginner designs have step-by-step photographs that will help you breeze through the instructions. The crochet designs in this book are just what they say, “Totally Simple”, but that does not mean beginner-only. Fevang uses a wide variety of interesting crochet stitches to create some very pretty designs that will be popular with every skill level. Even some of the beginning projects have interesting crochet textures!
The book begins with Abbreviations and General Crochet information. Each stitch used is outlined with a nice description and the photographs are very clear. The Materials section lists several tips and techniques by the author written in plain language to help you as you begin to crochet.
For the beginner, there are also several pretty colored dishcloths that will take you through learning all the basic stitches in crochet, each color a different stitch and edging! I love this idea for the novice crocheter, who will have something useful when practice time is over!
Some of my favorite projects include:

Hexagonal Block Afghan (I love the color patterns chosen for this design)

Net Bag (I love the stitch pattern used)

Blanket with Flower Border (love all the different colored flowers)

Potholders (done with dc post stitches)

Half Gloves (fingerless gloves)

Pink and White Scarf (it uses a very interesting stitch pattern)

 Totally Simple Crochet is available from:
WEBS Yarn Store
Trafalgar Books website

Trafalgar Books has donated the book for our giveaway! In order to be eligible to win, become a FOLLOWER OF THIS BLOG in the left sidebar (if you have not already done so!) and leave a comment on this post.  Let us know the title of the last crochet book your purchased and why you bought it. It should be fun to see what responses we get!
PLEASE, PLEASE don’t forget to leave your contact information and/or email address, so we can contact you if you are the winner!
One lucky winner will be drawn at random at the end of the contest!
Good luck!

33 thoughts on “>Totally Simple Crochet Review and Giveaway!

  1. >that book sounds great! i looooove the net bag! the last crochet book i bought was The Crochet Answer Book, and i bought it as a one-stop reference. it's a good little book to keep with my crochet supplies to look to for any question i have. plus, it's compact and doesn't take up much room. i love your blog, btw!corleyluck31@yahoo.com

  2. >I am happily a follower. The last Crocheting book I bought was Chicks with Sticks. I have made most of the projects in that book. I love the patterns you have previewed for this book.

  3. >I've been subscribed to Cute Crochet Chat and now I'm following you on twitter too! I recently picked up Drew's book, Crochet It, Love It, Wear It! It's full of yummy crochet. Totally Simple Crochet is too fun! I can't wait to peruse through it and see what project is right for me.Thanks for the giveaway and for a great blog!!!xocosibarlytesource1@verizon.net

  4. >Count me in ­čÖé The last book I bought was a book on Crochet edgings – and the reason I bought it is that I LOVE edging things. I think it gives your project a great finished look.

  5. >That book looks great! I'm a follower, and my last crochet book purchase was Interlocking Crochet by Tanis Galik. It's a new technique I really want to try, especially for bags.

  6. >I'm already a follower… I love that afghan with flower border! I have never bought a crochet book, but the last one gifted to me from a blog friend from far away… 40 Favorite Ripple Afghans.

  7. >I read the wonderful book reviews you've written about my book, thank you! Hope you will enjoy making some of the projects in the book. Right now we have sun and summer in Norway, so I enjoy outdoors to crochet potholders. You will find my blog under http://www.tovefevang.no, unfortunately in Norwegian, but it has a translate function to english, heres also some instruction videos and more to come. Regards Tove

  8. >I'm a follower. Thank you for the giveaway! I recently purchased Crochet Motifs Beyond the Square, Crochet Edgings and Trims and 99 Granny Squares to Crochet. They are all very interesting and I can't wait to try something from each of them… when I don't have something working with a deadline!sarah_rudd at sbcglobal dot net

  9. >I bought two older books at a used bookstore last week because they were too good a deal to pass up and I wanted to explore them! The first is McCall's Needlework Treasury (dates to 1964) and the second is Linda Mariano's Encyclopedia of Knitting and Crochet Stitch Patterns (from 1976).

  10. >Hey, I hope I signed up to follow your blog correctly! I really love your blog! I'm still so excited about the Ukrainian crochet! My last crochet book was a Japanese book Crochet Beaded Edgings. I am hoping to use it on a lot of things to ease my way back into it!Jan MouryAnnapolis, MDJmoury@comcast.net

  11. Already following! The last crochet book I bought was Our Best Baby Afghans by Leisure Arts. I saw a blanket a fellow crochet blogger was working on and had to know where she got the pattern!

    I'm mentioning this giveaway in my blog post today (my 'thank you' post for the ripple book I won), but I don't see an ending date. Am I missing it?

  12. I am working on a summer crochet top for my daughter. Just started back with my hand work in the last few months so I haven't purchased a new book in a very long time.
    Great blog, thanks Marie for posting it on facebook.

  13. I just was reading your blog posts. I loved the scarfs very nice. The last crochet book that I bought was a Japanese crochet pattern book. It was full of great diagramed patterns. I just love trying them. I have only gotten through about 20 of them but they are wonderful. I hope someone wins your wonderful book.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. I have been a follower for a while. The last crochet book I purchased was a while ago – 101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects.
    At 70, I have quite a few, as you can imagine, but the one you are offering looks interesting.


  15. I would so love to have this book to add to my library. If I am not fortunate enough to win it I will definetly purchase it as soon as I'm able to. I haven't purchased any new pattern books recently so I think this would be perfect to start again with.

  16. The last crochet book I got was “Crochet So Fine” by Kristin Omdahl. Her creations inspire me to aspire to greater projects!
    Contact via Twitter @CrochetAllDay (DM me)

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