>I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting Socks Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY!


Yes! another giveaway! 
In honor or National Crochet Month, we are giving away several crochet related items this month!
I am so pleased to present a review on the new book from Leisure Arts,
Even at first glance, this book is awesome! I love the fact that EVERYTHING you need to know about crocheting socks is included in this book. As a novice sock crocheter, I can see that this book has A LOT to offer someone who wants to learn how to crochet socks. But it goes much further than that and offers nine creative designs for every level of sock crocheter!
This book is as complete as any crochet sock book that I have seen. There is so much helpful information.  Not only does it contain really nice patterns for making socks from different techniques, it explains how to pick the correct yarn and supplies, how to insure that your crochet socks will fit perfectly and the different methods of constructing socks. And there is something for everyone: men, women and older children. 
Crocheting a sock that fits is one of the more important aspects of Karen’s instructions. One of the most frequent comments that Karen gets about her sock instructions is that “you can actually make them to fit your own foot”! She covers everything from yarn, types of yarn fibers, colors, heel types, sizing, construction and tools. All the patterns come in multiple sizes and there are lots of step by step colorful photographs for the beginner Basic Cuff Down and the Basic Toe Up Sock. I can’t think of one thing that has been left out of this wonderful book.
With her very complete instructions, Karen assures us that “Yes, we can crochet socks that fit and look great!”.

Karen was good enough to answer a couple of questions, that will allow us to make good choices if we are considering crocheting socks from her book:
Q: If someone were crocheting socks for the first time, which one or two pair would you advise that they start with? 
A: I would definitely start with the Basic Cuff-Down Sock (shown at left) first.  Once that is mastered then try the Basic Toe-Up Sock! (shown at right).  The hardest part of a sock is the toe, based on my classes.  I find that if a student takes the cuff-down sock class first, they understand what the toe should be doing and that makes the toe up easier! 


Q: Are there any patterns that would be considered to be for the Advanced crocheter?
A: I would consider the Cabled Sock, the Lace Sock and the Cobblestone sock patterns for the Advanced Crocheter.  In those 3 socks, stitch counts and knowing where to put the hook to get the texture/lace work to come out right, can be confusing at times.  Counting and making sure your counts are right is crucial in order to get the cable, lacework and texture in the right places!

One lucky reader will receive a copy of this great book, signed by Karen herself! In order to qualify for this giveaway, make  a comment on this post telling us if you have ever tried crocheting socks before and what your experience was. PLEASE, PLEASE leave an email address or some other way we can contact you if you are the winner. One comment will be drawn randomly soon after the end of this Blog Tour, twelve days of socks!

27 thoughts on “>I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting Socks Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY!

  1. >I haven't tried socks… yet! I've been too scared to try and really haven't found any good free patterns I like the looks of. Would love to win! Thanks for sharing!(sarah_rudd AT sbcglobal DOT net)

  2. >I knitted socks as a kid but have yet to try crocheting them! I remember the socks I made worked with 3 double point needles for the heel, (I was 6yrs old, LOL)Please enter,my email is dseda893@aol.com. Thanks so much!

  3. >I have not tried to crochet socks yet. I have tried knitting them and usually get lost quickly. I actually crochet more (and am much more advanced in crochet), so I have thought about trying to crochet some socks. I love handmade socks – just need to learn to make them myself! I would love to win this book. (jennlucas1@gmail.com)

  4. >I tried socks. Twice. Either the pattern was not well written or I'm a dork because I just couldn't get past that heel!!!! I've really like to know how to make them and so would love to win this book.My email is beverooni @ hotmail . com.

  5. >Yes-I crocheted a mini baby sock in class with Karen at the Crochet Liberation Front retreat last October (lucky me)and I have been waiting for her book to arrive! She is the best teacher ever. She makes it really easy to understand and actually crochet the sock!ReadingKnitter01@gmail.com

  6. >This book looks great!!No, no socks…they're so….tubular and scary!! And then, there's that trickster lurking in every sock pattern…the heel!!!No, I've not treaded out into sock waters…I've played it safe with straight things….if I don't win this book, I'm definitely buying it…Must. Conquer. Socks!

  7. >Laura in CA: Karen assures me that this book will have you conquering the heel! BTW, I need a contact email or other from you in case you win!Thanks to everyone so far who has entered.

  8. >Very interesting to find out you should start with a cuff down to make it easier to learn a toe up! I would've started with a toe-up personally so I could easily make the socks as long as I liked. Great tip!

  9. >I've only made baby booties. I'd love to try socks at some point. I have problems with commercial socks, so it'd be really good if I could make my own.Thank you for the chance to win!Good luck to all!

  10. >Yes, I have crocheted socks numerous times, always with an afterthought heel. Looking for some new ideas with the heel though and thinking this may be a great book for that help 🙂

  11. >I bought this book hoping that I could do the socks. I tried the toe down socks and was thrilled that I was able to follow the pattern…until I got to the heel. I did fine up to row 14, then the pattern makes no sense to me at all. It says slip stitch in the unworked stitch below (row 12), it's not row 12, it would be row 13. I've never crocheted a sock to completion and this is very frustrating. If it is an instruction book, there should be more instruction for those of us who've never made them. Can someone help me please with this part.

  12. >Debbie – This is Karen, and am glad to help you with that heel!Shoot me an email at info(at) krwknitwear(dot)com and I will help you get through this!

  13. >I have been crocheting for about 4 months and haven't tried to make socks. I have looked at a few patterns online but I find them very confusing. A good teaching book would be wonderful!Lanilatwood@msn.com

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