First Friday Freebie

We are starting a brand new feature at Cute Crochet Chat called First Friday Freebie. On the First Friday of each month, we will be posting a different prize giveaway: crochet patterns, knit and crochet books and crochet related items! The contest will be open for 2 weeks following the day it is posted. Each month, you will be given a set of instructions to follow (usually commenting) in order to be eligible to receive the prize.
In honor of our first giveaway, because I just adore the felting/fulling technique, the winner will receive the book Knit It, Felt It published by DRG. The book has 176 pages and contains over 60 projects!
So, what do you have to do to win the book, Knit It, Felt It?
Leave a comment on this post and tell us if you have ever done a crochet or knit felted project before and what it was. Please feel free to tell us all about your projects!
If you have not tried felting yet, let us know what you would like to try for your first project. Please be sure to leave an email address so we can get in touch with you if you are the winner! If you do not wish to leave your email address in the comments section, post your comment about felting and then send your email address to:
For this first contest, our winner will be chosen from a random drawing on July 17, 2009.
Good luck!
CONTEST NOW CLOSED. WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY. Thank you so everyone who participated!

18 thoughts on “First Friday Freebie

  1. Felting is addictive! I've made felted bowls, felted bags (bunches and have two patterns published for them), felted hot pads (which are fabu!)

    I love making felted items and now with a front loader-it's even better than ever!

  2. I enjoy felting. I have made bowls and cat beds. One of my cat beds turned out too small for my cats. It was designed for them to crawl inside, but I guess I felted it too long so now they just squashed it down and sleep on it.

  3. I have not tried felting yet, but am DYING to… Most patterns I see are for knitting, but I much prefer crocheting. I would like to make a tote bag to carry around my projects! I'm going to Hobby Lobby today to see if they have the Lion Brand Wool, because the Michael's near me did not!!!!!

    Thanks for this awesome blog that I mostly read on my new Kindle DX!!!!!

  4. As a followup, I did go by Hobby Lobby and while they did not have the Lion Brand Wool yarn, I did pick myself up some Yarn Bee Rainbow Wool in the absolutely beautiful Carnelian color…I'm so psyched, just need to find the perfect tote bag or purse pattern…

    Any ideas/suggestions, please send to ! Thanks!!!!!

  5. I have not tried felting yet..I see so many awesome things out there but, have been afraid. I found a pattern for a latern necklace and just got wool w/ my 50% off Michaels coupon… so it will be my first project 🙂 Finally gonna quit being a chicken head LOL
    Thanks for the contest!!

  6. My first felting project was painful (literally – I did it by hand in the kitchen sink). I recycled a sweater into what was supposed to be a purse, but ended up being… err… a something. Worse still, it dyed my hands red for a couple of days. :0D Needless to say, the felting I've done since has been in the washer!

  7. I'd love to know more about felting. One of my friends does home dec felting projects and they are so cute. I really want to give it a try.

    Thank you for the contest 🙂

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